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Jun 23, 2017


Elasticity of demand

System I and II

Achieving flow

Failure mode of computer scientists in building tools: You Aren't Gonna Need ItPremature Optimization,

Dominion (again) / Isotropic

Overdamped/underdamped control.  For the short version, see this Quora answer.  For the math, see this.


Efficiency practices

Making (and checking) checklists

Series of many small efficiencies: bumping drawers closed with your hip, staying in touch with best balance contact point


Merging steps (in general, streamlining processes)

Retrospection - which behaviors over last week could have been improved?

When successfully correcting an error: what practices would have avoided that error in the first place? What would those practices have cost me, and would it be worth it?

Scheduling - both making good use of time, and avoiding schedule failures that require costly correction

Recognizing inefficient behavior patterns

Main takeaway: the balance between optimizing for a value function and checking whether you need to update the value function is the key to efficiency.