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Oct 18, 2017


Master of the Senate

Episode 3 - Legacy: the size of a science slice of the pie is shrinking

Rationalists coordinating people on a project article

Technical debt

Kula Sushi LA, Silicon Valley

Influence - Cialdini

Things to Hang on your Mental Mug Tree

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Microsoft research announcement around the same time (note from Avi: Chan Zuckerberg was actually by far the more reasonable of these, the opposite of what I said in the episode.  Apologies!)


Moon landing
Tennessee Valley Authority
Manhattan Project
Hoover Dam
The Pyramids
Human Genome Project
Civil Rights Act
Affordable Care Act
Standard Oil, Amazon, Google
SpaceX Blue Origin Dragon
Going to Mars
Sea farming
Growing a city (Bellevue)
Starting a new country
Starting a religion
Starting a movement
Occupy Wall Street/Tea Party
Making old age not suck/fighting degeneration